What is Big data?

GM friends I am feeling very glad to share that  one of our college faculty of mca (amresh boss)is doing  his  PHD. on the BIG DATA.

He is also the teaching staff in xaviour college  maharo.


so lets read about it and know about it.

What is Big Data?

big data is used to describe the massive volume of both structured and un -structured data that is so large .

It is difficult to process using traditional technique .

  1.   As more and more of the world’s information moves online and becomes digitized,
    it means that analysts can start to use it as data. Things like social media,
    online books, music, videos and the increased amount of sensors have all added
    to the astounding increase in the amount of data that has become available for

Everything you do online is now stored and tracked as data.
Reading a book on your Kindle generates data about what you’re reading,
when you read it, how fast you read it and so on. Similarly,
listening to music generates data about what you’re listening to,
when how often and in what order. Your smart phone is constantly
uploading data about where you are, how fast you’re moving and what apps you’re using.

3.Big Data is important not in terms of volume but in terms of
what you do with the data and how you utilize it to make analysis
in order to benefit your business and organisation.
Big Data helps analyse:
Product Development
Decision Making, etc

4.  Here are some Uses of Big Data and where it is used
Health Care
Detect Frauds
Social Media Analysis
Public sector

5.Big Data’s recent popularity has been due in large part
to new advances in technology and infrastructure that
allow for the processing, storing and analysis of so
much data
Just imagine the huge chunk of data that is produced with such activities.
This constant creation of data using social media, business applications,
telecom and various other domains is leading to the formation of Big Data.


Big Data refers to the large amounts of data which is pouring
in from various data sources and has different formats.
Big Data is much more than a collection of datasets with different formats,
it is an important asset which can be used to obtain enumerable benefits.

The three different formats of big data are:

Course Curriculum
Big Data Hadoop Certification Training
Instructor-led SessionsReal-life Case StudiesAssessmentsLifetime Access
Structured: Organised data format with a fixed schema. Ex: RDBMS
Semi-Structured: Partially organised data which does not have a fixed format. Ex: XML, JSON
Unstructured: Un organised data with an unknown schema. Ex: Audio, video files etc.

7.  learning Big Data:——

*Big Data is a broad subject, so learning it all requires knowledge of several areas.
Someone looking to work in the field would need an array of certain skills,
including one or more of the following:

  • A knowledge of a programming language that relates to data analysis,
    namely R, Python, SAS or SQL
    A good understanding of Maths and Statistics
    Experience on how to scrape a webpage
    Basic Excel skills

*   Mathematics for Big Data    ythonscripting
Business and scientific applications of Big Data
Big databases and NoSQL including MongoDB, Cassandra and Neo4J
Analytics, machine learning and data visualisation using Weka, R and scikit-Learn
Optimisation and heuristics for big problems
Cluster computing with Hadoop, Spark, Hive and MapReduce.

career in big data:———————————————–

1.Big data engineer.

2.Data Architect

3.Database Manager.

4.Data Scientist

5.Database developer.

6.BI Analyst

7.Data Modeller

8.Data Analyst

9.Data modeller



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