Types of learning.








There are two types of learning ?

1.supervised learning.

2.supervised learning.

Supervised learning.

Supervised learning can be held in the classroom int he presence of teacher.thus  question can be answered.

1.the desired output is known.

2.the error information can be used.

3.the reward /punishment scheme is used.

4.A training set is required.

5.All the observation assumed to be  a set of input and the another set of observation is assumed called output.



Unsupervised learning.

In unsupervised learning corresponds to a video caste tape .thu queston cant be answered.

  1. the desired output is unknown .
  2. A training set is  not required.
  3. error information cant be used .
  4. there is no reward/punishment functionalties .
  5. All the observation are assumed to be caused by a latent variables.