Top Effective tips that helps to create more traffic on you site?

gm friends so today i am going to share some  effective tips that help you to create more traffic.

Anybody who create blog or site then he always wants   more  traffic,more revenue and more subscribe to make more money. .

here are the tips :-

  1. you need to be social
  2. consistency is the key to growth.
  3. what goes online ,stays online.
  4. .It’s all in the list.
  5. Blogging isn’t free.




6.It’s easy to get new traffic but hard to retain  it.

7.strike while the iron is hot.

8.content length affects traffic.

9.write your posts in a conversational manner.

10.the number of the comments and the numbers of the email matters.

thank you :——

I hope this tips will help you to get more traffic.

and make more money.