My brother gave me osm gift that is..

Hi friends ❣️ today I want to talk about my. Gift that is given by my bro

And for me it is the most useful and meaning ful and helpful gift ever.

I love my brother he is very good guy.very inosent and passionate about his work.he loves whatever he do and last. Year. He gave me a present that is my to do list diray

He bought this diary from amagon and I never seen before this kind of diary at first sight I just love that .how much beautiful he is.

This dairy came a very beautiful and meaning ful changes in my life

I can measures evrything

How much I walk how much I drink how much I study.

My day starts with my to do list dairy.

His cover is top osm the texture is very attractive

So now I am going to say how I use it this dairy

First I can do my miracle morning smmothy with the help of my dairy

Firstly when I wake up after brush and sweep I sit and get started to write a diary

First in the first colum I write the ten things for.which I. Am greatful for you can write on your on for which things you are greatful for

And 2nd colum I write 5 things. 5 goals iny life that I have to complete in this year but sad due to lockdown lots of work got pending.and after that I write my tp do.list everyday. Things I had to do.  And after that I write my priority

And after that measures about how much glasses of water I drink in a day

How much te I did my exercise and which time I do my meditation either morning or evening.

And after that I fell the colum where it is written what you learnt today so I write about I learn Today and after that in the night it’s time to give marks your day 2   6  8 10

So you can mark according to you day

That all thanks hope you like and enjoy it.