How to make every morning a blissful one?

Hello Gm friends today we will talk about how you can make you whole day full of bliss by just following simple method.

We can say each and every person is busy in their own problem.they rush day and night to full fill the requirements of  their life and time passes away in the journey of becoming  successful and live happy always.

“so success is nothing more than a few discipline practice everyday  ”

Always end the day with a positive thought ,no matter how hard things were tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.

I think god is supply enough amount of oxygen he supply enough  amount of food and he supply everything .and what we do for him .even not a single thanks .

so now have a look how to say thank you god and stay more blissful and happy .

Have you ever think that where ever you live your surrounding is full of hate,anxiety,anger,noise,jealousy,cheating,tension,headache , this problem ,that problem bla bla.

so I think we should start our day with gratefulness  whatever we have ,we should start our day with peace and bliss .

we should start our day with pious activity.

According to bhagvad Gita krishna says this world dukhalaya aasasvatmm mean this world is full of miseries and it remain if we want to live in this world and want to live happy also.I think it is a big joke.

Not going deep in this topic despite of all these things.

By following few morning discipline we can make our day more happier ,peaceful and blissful also.and more focused for the whole day.

According to the miracle morning book.we can start our day full of bliss

S- silence (prayer,meditation,chanting)-chanting of any mantra at least two round it  takes 30 min and by chanting u have to listen the sound of that mantra.

Be live  me its really a blissful feeling for me .and simultaneously the view of rising sun it feels heart with joy and spread positiviety around us.

you can chant this verse that is very effective verse among all the verse  .

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare

hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare waking up at 5 am and chant the bet way to start blissful day and during chanting u can visualize  the  image of krishna and radha rani in your mind.

normaly  a devotee chant 16 rounds in a day 108*16 but for use a normal human being we can start with one or two rounds and gradualy can increase the no of rounds.

it takes 30 min so if you start up at 5 am the end up in 5:30 am .

and after that you can read some self improvement books or can read some affirmation or can read scriputers.

Scripters  is one of the best thing to read in morning time.   because in morning time there is more amount of satogun so we can understand the scriputers better.

Scripters can be anything bhagvad Gita,quran ,bible,srimad bhagvatm and prabhupada books also atleast one or two page.

and for the recreation d chanting while walking.

you will never feel asleep.

So i think this help  article will entertain you all thanks you.

please do comment.