Webinar on Artificial Intelligence.

On the day on 9 /6/  2020.I got the chance to attend the international webinar on Artificial  Intelligence.The speaker is from German country.  But his home town is Dumka. He is a data science Manager in BASF SE of GERMAN.(the top most chemical company in German.)That is organised by Xaviour college Maharo.

So these are the some important  and use full  points that I am going to write on this article yet he also talked about lots of things out if this context also.

he also describe how he works and what company works and about his project .

Introduction to AI:—-

Artificial Intelligence first came  in 1995.  by jeans-marc.

AI is the development of the computer system that are able to perform tasks that would require human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in movies:-

In movies robots are able to talk ,think ,have emotions  and make decision just like humans.

Example of  these tasks are visual perception ,speech recognition ,decision_making ,and translation between languages.

Weak AI:-

Machine with weak  AI are made to respond to specific situations ,but  can not think for themselves.

Refrigerator is believed to be the first AI system because it can module your temperature   of the refrigerator can be modulated based on the outside temperature in the inside temperatures.

Strong AI:-

A machine with strong AI is able to think and act just like a human .

IT is able to learn from experinces.

It is under the supervised learning.and it understand the patterns.

Intelligence means to perform any tasks it takes the time of minimum 5 sec .

like adding the numbers 4+5+9,or protect from rain and apply break when the light got red etc.these types of intelligence develops in the machine in strong AI

sine there are no real life example of strong AI .yet the best  representation would be the holly wood portrays. like I robot,and robot and ex machina

In AI machine will have:-

  1. creativity
  2. emotions
  3. Imagination
  4. ethics
  5. empathy
  6. consciousness
  7. values
  8. mystery
  9. compassion
  10. Intuition

AI controversies :-

  1. potential job takeover
  2. growing laziness
  3. priority argument

robot relationship

what are the famous people aid about AI:-

Stephan Hawking :-

AI could be the end of mankind.

Sundar Pichai:-

AI is one of the most important things humanity  is working on.

It is more profound than I don’t know ,electricity  or fire.

Jack Maa:

The AI ,big data is a threat to human beings .the AI and robots are going to kill a lot of jobs because in the future ,there will be done by machine.

Elon mask:

The AI is an essential risk and one of the greatest risk that we face as a civilization.


A program that can sense,reason,act and adapt.

Machine Learning:-

Algorithms whose performance   improves as they are exposed to more data overtime.

Deep Learning:-

subset of Machine learning which multi-layer neural network learn from vast amounts of data.

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what are the personal benefits of using quora?

GM friends :-

today we are trying to understand the benefits of quora to become a better version of yours.

first thing is that being confused is good,having question in your ind is good.you can solve all your questions with www.quora.com  so just quora it.

I have made my account on quora may be 2 years ago.

It helps me to learn new things and how to learn new things.

Quora gives us both facility  of asking questions and answers the question of another people.

you can share your knowledge with everyone by giving answer on quora.

In quora you will meet both kinds of people more experienced than you  and less experienced than you.

your question’s answers is given by the specialist or experienced  person in that field.

you can also share your information in any stream whatever you choose  during making account on quora.

like :-arts,science,commerce,biology,computer science,drawing,writing poem,  dancing ,mechanical, English, politics ,electrical, digital marketing,blogging ,motivation,self improvement  etc  any topics  you can share your knowledge .

you will get  lots of followers ,likes, up-voted ,   views , and can make new friends on Quora.

I have 4k content views on quora and i have answered 92 questions on quora.

you can share your story your poem or your success story on quora.and can motivate people for doing good in their field.

form quora you will get to know that where you are and where you have to go?

And the best feeling you will have  when you help other without  any expectation .

few days ago  a question is so much famous on quora and thousands of people answer this question you can also answer by making id on quora.


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How to get slim and curved body?

everybody wants a good body and good appearance.and also that they can wear all types of dresses.

the more skinny people and the more fat people both cant wear their desirable dress.

so if you also want to wear your desirable  dress then here is the best and most effective exercise to help you to do so.

so the number one is half moon.

1.half moon:-

this exercise is quit difficult  to do initially .but after few days it becomes easy.

i also do this exercise sometimes.

this exercise help to get a slim and curved body .

you just have to hold this pose for 20 sec initially but after few days you can increase your duration.

This exercise is also best for your flexible body.

2.plank :

this is also one of the most popular and effective exercise to burn your belly  fat.

It strengths our mussels and make more flexible.

It increase our tolerance power.

and good for blood circulation also.

3.half crunches:-


Last but not least this is also my favorite exercise.this exercise is very easy and you can do even in your bed.

and very effective for lower belly fats.

and also improve digestion and flexibility.

there are more kinds of crunches.

full crunches.

side crunches.

but half crunches is easy and effective .

so thank you:-

stay tuned in my next article i will talk about other exercise.

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4 best sites for seo to get higher ranking in your sites

gm friends so after to much browsing i found the best  4 sites that help you to get higher rank in  your sites or your bog. from google.

these sites helps you to get best keyword for your sites that you can make a good money.

this seo tool is too much important to get higher rank  from google .

more than keyword there are lots of factor that  are important to become a good blogger.

Another important factor is  back-links google gives it 2nd position around 200 factors.

there are also many terms like  cpc(cost per click)revenue ,keyword ,error free, issue free, and notice free is important .

so without wasting time just check out this websites and start to earn money.

this site also help me a lot to fine keyword and issues and error in my sites.

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i want to describe some keyword with cost per click it means google will pay you for single click in dollar   so have a look.

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this information is provided by ubbersuggest.


this sites also provides a lots of beautiful tool.

this site provides the facility to audit your site and   aware you from your sites issues and warning and all notices.

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3.smalseotool:- This website is also very useful to fine keyword and many other tool like grammerly how much views you get on your blog  and article writer and many other tool check out one time.


this website also provide a seo tools to get more traffic on your site and creating back links and suggesting keyword.

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How to make your day productive?

How to make your day productive?

We can see that due to lock down now a days we become  lazy and quit less productive our daily schedule is become organised .

but still we can make our day productive by doing just simple things so lets see what the things are.

1.    wake up with purpose.  

yes we all have heard  this line many times.but just wake up with purpose is quite enough?

I think we should wake up with gratefulness .thanks to god for the every single breath  and whatever we have not only say to god oh god It will be better  to write at least 5 things you are grateful for. like

1.I am grateful .that i can see the image of krishna as my first view.

2.I am grateful for my family given by krishna.

3 I am grateful for my brother given by krishna.

4.I am grateful for my friends. given by krishna.

5.I am grateful for time given by krishna.

6.I am grateful for the skills that is not mine given by krishna.

7.I am grateful for the health given by krishna.

just like that you can add on your own for which you are grateful for.

2.open your curtains.

After leaving your bed open your curtains and take fresh air and fresh light that helps to start your day peacefully.

3.clutter things:-

for clutter thing you can organised your study table.and your cupboard .

4.write to do list:-

yes,writing  to do list is my favorite work to do . from my all of the other work.

you can organised  your work according to your priority.at least 5 work you should  have to to in every single day.


do exercise to your own time.

either it is evening or morning.

and you can do just simple for 30 min.

6.write you goals:-

write your goal what you want to do in this year.

not write the long term goal  because your focus can be less toward your goal without focusing on short term goal.write your short term goal everyday for a single year.

7.Avoid taking garbage in your mind. 

there are many kinds of garbage that we can avoid to take in our mind.

1.It can be meaning less converion.

2.unnecessary news.

3.unnecessary gossips.

4.avoid wasting time on that thing that ends with regret.

8.follow reward and punishment rule.

this is also a important factor that helps to become productive all day long.

like before going into bed open your to do list diary and  tick which task you have completed and then reward yourself by  watching your favorite shows and by eating Favorited dish.

and if you are not able to complete all task that you mention in your to do list then  add it on the next day to do list work .take a chill pill mostly we cant do all the works the we mention we our to do list but it helps to prioritize your work and so you cant your time .

thank you hope this blog post will help you to make your day productive.

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Introduction to design and analysis of computer algorithm.

Introduction to design and algorithms analysis.


Gm friends :-

today  I am going to design about the introduction in  design and analysis algorithm.

In Programming when we solve any problem we use the program (set of instructions)   to solve any program for the writing program we use algorithm.

An algorithm independent from  any programming languages.like when we have to add two numbers and produce output then we can use many programming language(c,c++,python,java,asp,java script).but the process and the step is same that  is called algorithm.


the algorithm designed are language -independent ,i.e they are just plain instructions  that can be implemented in any language  and yet the output will be the same,as expected.

the algorithm designed are language -independent ,i.e they are just pain instructions that can be implemented in any language ,and yet the output will be the same as expected.

Characteristics of an algorithm:-

these are the characteristic of an algorithm

  1. clear and Unambiguous:-Algorithm should be  clear and unambiguous each of its steps should be clear in all aspects and must lead to only one meaning.
  2. well Defined inputs:-If an algorithm says to take inputs it should be well-define inputs.
  3. well-define outputs:-the algorithm  must clearly  define the output will be yield and it should be well define as well.
  4. fineness:-The algorithm  must be finite it should not end up in an infinite loops or similar.
  5. feasible:-The  algorithm must be simple,generic and practical ,such that it can be executed upon will the available resources it must not contain some future technology or anything.

language independent:-the algorithm must be languages independent ,i.e it must be just plain instructions that can be implemented in any language,and yet the output will be same as-expected.

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What is Big data?

GM friends I am feeling very glad to share that  one of our college faculty of mca (amresh boss)is doing  his  PHD. on the BIG DATA.

He is also the teaching staff in xaviour college  maharo.


so lets read about it and know about it.

What is Big Data?

big data is used to describe the massive volume of both structured and un -structured data that is so large .

It is difficult to process using traditional technique .

  1.   As more and more of the world’s information moves online and becomes digitized,
    it means that analysts can start to use it as data. Things like social media,
    online books, music, videos and the increased amount of sensors have all added
    to the astounding increase in the amount of data that has become available for

Everything you do online is now stored and tracked as data.
Reading a book on your Kindle generates data about what you’re reading,
when you read it, how fast you read it and so on. Similarly,
listening to music generates data about what you’re listening to,
when how often and in what order. Your smart phone is constantly
uploading data about where you are, how fast you’re moving and what apps you’re using.

3.Big Data is important not in terms of volume but in terms of
what you do with the data and how you utilize it to make analysis
in order to benefit your business and organisation.
Big Data helps analyse:
Product Development
Decision Making, etc

4.  Here are some Uses of Big Data and where it is used
Health Care
Detect Frauds
Social Media Analysis
Public sector

5.Big Data’s recent popularity has been due in large part
to new advances in technology and infrastructure that
allow for the processing, storing and analysis of so
much data
Just imagine the huge chunk of data that is produced with such activities.
This constant creation of data using social media, business applications,
telecom and various other domains is leading to the formation of Big Data.


Big Data refers to the large amounts of data which is pouring
in from various data sources and has different formats.
Big Data is much more than a collection of datasets with different formats,
it is an important asset which can be used to obtain enumerable benefits.

The three different formats of big data are:

Course Curriculum
Big Data Hadoop Certification Training
Instructor-led SessionsReal-life Case StudiesAssessmentsLifetime Access
Structured: Organised data format with a fixed schema. Ex: RDBMS
Semi-Structured: Partially organised data which does not have a fixed format. Ex: XML, JSON
Unstructured: Un organised data with an unknown schema. Ex: Audio, video files etc.

7.  learning Big Data:——

*Big Data is a broad subject, so learning it all requires knowledge of several areas.
Someone looking to work in the field would need an array of certain skills,
including one or more of the following:

  • A knowledge of a programming language that relates to data analysis,
    namely R, Python, SAS or SQL
    A good understanding of Maths and Statistics
    Experience on how to scrape a webpage
    Basic Excel skills

*   Mathematics for Big Data    ythonscripting
Business and scientific applications of Big Data
Big databases and NoSQL including MongoDB, Cassandra and Neo4J
Analytics, machine learning and data visualisation using Weka, R and scikit-Learn
Optimisation and heuristics for big problems
Cluster computing with Hadoop, Spark, Hive and MapReduce.

career in big data:———————————————–

1.Big data engineer.

2.Data Architect

3.Database Manager.

4.Data Scientist

5.Database developer.

6.BI Analyst

7.Data Modeller

8.Data Analyst

9.Data modeller



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How to become a full stack web developer?

gm friends …

our today’s  topic is how to become a full stack web developer .

A full stack web developer is more than a web designer who only works on the front end part or interface part but the full stack web developer  has to handle both the front end part and the back end part also that is more difficult then focusing only in the front end part.

A full stack web developer should keep knowledge in three terms.

1.the front end part .

2.the back end part

3 connectivity between front end and back end

so firstly we talk about the front end part because on;y the front part is   visible to the users or the clients.

front mean about designing how your site will be look.

where your forms and navigation bar is given and what you mention in your footer part .where you describe about your site.

how much the inks you have and the users get the desired page.

these type of requirement filled with  front end part.

for the front we can use the following technologies and framework also.

we can learn html5, css3 and javascript .and for more easiers we can use the framework  like bootstrap for html and css .

bootstrap is very easy to use and saves lots of time and lots of free or paid courses are available to learn bootstrap.

with the help of bootstrap we can create a responsive website it means that it can run also on mobile phone and tab effectively by just scrawling top   to bottom.

so this a great framework  to use.

2.and the 2nd part  is blackened  :–

In back end part we learn about the functionality of the application here we write code how the web application works.

code inside the front end part comes into the back end part just like we saw any form that is made by using  html and css but the function of the back end part is to get data from that from and send response to the user.

the whole function comes inside the back end part. it  has basicaly use of request and response it takes request from the user and give response to the user by html page but getting data from the user and save it to database and send the user response that the work has been done is all done by the back end part.

In back end part we store the data into the database and get access the data from the database.

so for this back-end part we can use the  following languages   :-

  1.  java
  2. php
  3. python
  4. asp.net
  5. ruby


For the back-end also there are lots of IDE available here.

1.netbeans and Eclipse IDE for  java developer

2.xamp ,wamp, codeegnite and wordpressr for php developer

3.visual studio for Asp.net developers.

4.Django for the python developers and many more IDEare available.



3. connectivity part:—————————————

To create  a bridge or connection between the front end part and the back end part we use database.

where we store the data and retrive the data from the database

To perform  the crud operation  in database (cread,read,update,delete) we use the Structured query language.and  for the database we can use following :-



3. mssql



so these are the three steps or terms to become a suucessfull full stack web developer.

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Top Effective tips that helps to create more traffic on you site?

gm friends so today i am going to share some  effective tips that help you to create more traffic.

Anybody who create blog or site then he always wants   more  traffic,more revenue and more subscribe to make more money. .

here are the tips :-

  1. you need to be social
  2. consistency is the key to growth.
  3. what goes online ,stays online.
  4. .It’s all in the list.
  5. Blogging isn’t free.




6.It’s easy to get new traffic but hard to retain  it.

7.strike while the iron is hot.

8.content length affects traffic.

9.write your posts in a conversational manner.

10.the number of the comments and the numbers of the email matters.

thank you :——

I hope this tips will help you to get more traffic.

and make more money.