Introduction to design and analysis of computer algorithm.

Introduction to design and algorithms analysis.


Gm friends :-

today  I am going to design about the introduction in  design and analysis algorithm.

In Programming when we solve any problem we use the program (set of instructions)   to solve any program for the writing program we use algorithm.

An algorithm independent from  any programming when we have to add two numbers and produce output then we can use many programming language(c,c++,python,java,asp,java script).but the process and the step is same that  is called algorithm.


the algorithm designed are language -independent ,i.e they are just plain instructions  that can be implemented in any language  and yet the output will be the same,as expected.

the algorithm designed are language -independent ,i.e they are just pain instructions that can be implemented in any language ,and yet the output will be the same as expected.

Characteristics of an algorithm:-

these are the characteristic of an algorithm

  1. clear and Unambiguous:-Algorithm should be  clear and unambiguous each of its steps should be clear in all aspects and must lead to only one meaning.
  2. well Defined inputs:-If an algorithm says to take inputs it should be well-define inputs.
  3. well-define outputs:-the algorithm  must clearly  define the output will be yield and it should be well define as well.
  4. fineness:-The algorithm  must be finite it should not end up in an infinite loops or similar.
  5. feasible:-The  algorithm must be simple,generic and practical ,such that it can be executed upon will the available resources it must not contain some future technology or anything.

language independent:-the algorithm must be languages independent ,i.e it must be just plain instructions that can be implemented in any language,and yet the output will be same as-expected.

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the benifits of reading self improvement books.


YET i am not much experience   in reading books  still i am just building a new habits of reading books.

and i feel changes in my life it can be a little bit but it works.

I   started to read my first book to read that is the magic of thinking big and still i cant complete it because now a days my new crush is 7 habits of highly effective people.

I don’t want to go on any other book before completing the 7 habits of highly effective people.

IT is a mind blowing books it really blows my mind.and i am confirmed that it happens with everyone who read that book.


  1. Reading a book  is like a thought that you never think before.
  2. Reading a book forced you to think on that topic that is useful and beneficial for you.
  3. Reading a book is like addiction you never want to quit reading books and the desire of reading books grows and grows.
  4. Reading a book like you are talking with writer.



books explain everything about you which type of person you are just like in 2nd habits of highly effective people   “think focusing on the end ”

it tells you that in which centered you are.either it is money centered,relationship centered.or happiness centered. or temple centered .

we can learn lots of things by reading books

Our communication got improved my reading books.

Our writing  skills improved by reading books.

Our way of  thinking   got changed after reading books.

Our vocabulary also improved my reading books.

I everyday read book for 30 to 60 min everyday in evening this is my favorite pass time.

I also love to read the ISKCON books  there are lots of book in English version also so yes i learnt lots new words from this book that i never new before.

It really helps me .

book reading gives us motivation.

It  is good for mental exercise.







“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn






“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.” – Descartes


Top 5 youtube channel that every programmer should learn?


hello gm friends so today i am going to share top 5 youtube channel that helps you to learn programming online.

learning through youtube channel is quit can learn in your owntime either morning or evening.

day or night.

and you can earn on your own speed .

and you can watch the same class multliple time.

so there are lots of advantage.

It is totaly free.

so here are top 5 youtube channles.


3.programming language.




top habits for programmer for make day productive?

  1. wake up on time.
  2. open your curtains.
  3. make your  bed.
  4. enjoying a  refreshing shower.
  5. drink a freshly blended  smoothy.
  6. take a 10 min talk in the morning sunshine.
  7. check your to do list.
  8. listen to some  upbeat music.
  9. complete a mini workout.
  10. review your goal.
  11. pack some healthy snacks to take to work.
  12. declutter part of your home.
  13. meditate for 5 min.
  14. stength your body.
  15. read a motivational qoute.



What is cin

Cin is the object of istream class the stream cin is by default connected to console vinput device.


it accept the value from the keyboard.