How to get slim and curved body?

everybody wants a good body and good appearance.and also that they can wear all types of dresses.

the more skinny people and the more fat people both cant wear their desirable dress.

so if you also want to wear your desirable  dress then here is the best and most effective exercise to help you to do so.

so the number one is half moon.

1.half moon:-

this exercise is quit difficult  to do initially .but after few days it becomes easy.

i also do this exercise sometimes.

this exercise help to get a slim and curved body .

you just have to hold this pose for 20 sec initially but after few days you can increase your duration.

This exercise is also best for your flexible body.

2.plank :

this is also one of the most popular and effective exercise to burn your belly  fat.

It strengths our mussels and make more flexible.

It increase our tolerance power.

and good for blood circulation also.

3.half crunches:-


Last but not least this is also my favorite exercise.this exercise is very easy and you can do even in your bed.

and very effective for lower belly fats.

and also improve digestion and flexibility.

there are more kinds of crunches.

full crunches.

side crunches.

but half crunches is easy and effective .

so thank you:-

stay tuned in my next article i will talk about other exercise.

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