Webinar on Artificial Intelligence.

On the day on 9 /6/  2020.I got the chance to attend the international webinar on Artificial  Intelligence.The speaker is from German country.  But his home town is Dumka. He is a data science Manager in BASF SE of GERMAN.(the top most chemical company in German.)That is organised by Xaviour college Maharo.

So these are the some important  and use full  points that I am going to write on this article yet he also talked about lots of things out if this context also.

he also describe how he works and what company works and about his project .

Introduction to AI:—-

Artificial Intelligence first came  in 1995.  by jeans-marc.

AI is the development of the computer system that are able to perform tasks that would require human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in movies:-

In movies robots are able to talk ,think ,have emotions  and make decision just like humans.

Example of  these tasks are visual perception ,speech recognition ,decision_making ,and translation between languages.

Weak AI:-

Machine with weak  AI are made to respond to specific situations ,but  can not think for themselves.

Refrigerator is believed to be the first AI system because it can module your temperature   of the refrigerator can be modulated based on the outside temperature in the inside temperatures.

Strong AI:-

A machine with strong AI is able to think and act just like a human .

IT is able to learn from experinces.

It is under the supervised learning.and it understand the patterns.

Intelligence means to perform any tasks it takes the time of minimum 5 sec .

like adding the numbers 4+5+9,or protect from rain and apply break when the light got red etc.these types of intelligence develops in the machine in strong AI

sine there are no real life example of strong AI .yet the best  representation would be the holly wood portrays. like I robot,and robot and ex machina

In AI machine will have:-

  1. creativity
  2. emotions
  3. Imagination
  4. ethics
  5. empathy
  6. consciousness
  7. values
  8. mystery
  9. compassion
  10. Intuition

AI controversies :-

  1. potential job takeover
  2. growing laziness
  3. priority argument

robot relationship

what are the famous people aid about AI:-

Stephan Hawking :-

AI could be the end of mankind.

Sundar Pichai:-

AI is one of the most important things humanity  is working on.

It is more profound than I don’t know ,electricity  or fire.

Jack Maa:

The AI ,big data is a threat to human beings .the AI and robots are going to kill a lot of jobs because in the future ,there will be done by machine.

Elon mask:

The AI is an essential risk and one of the greatest risk that we face as a civilization.


A program that can sense,reason,act and adapt.

Machine Learning:-

Algorithms whose performance   improves as they are exposed to more data overtime.

Deep Learning:-

subset of Machine learning which multi-layer neural network learn from vast amounts of data.

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What is Big data?

GM friends I am feeling very glad to share that  one of our college faculty of mca (amresh boss)is doing  his  PHD. on the BIG DATA.

He is also the teaching staff in xaviour college  maharo.


so lets read about it and know about it.

What is Big Data?

big data is used to describe the massive volume of both structured and un -structured data that is so large .

It is difficult to process using traditional technique .

  1.   As more and more of the world’s information moves online and becomes digitized,
    it means that analysts can start to use it as data. Things like social media,
    online books, music, videos and the increased amount of sensors have all added
    to the astounding increase in the amount of data that has become available for

Everything you do online is now stored and tracked as data.
Reading a book on your Kindle generates data about what you’re reading,
when you read it, how fast you read it and so on. Similarly,
listening to music generates data about what you’re listening to,
when how often and in what order. Your smart phone is constantly
uploading data about where you are, how fast you’re moving and what apps you’re using.

3.Big Data is important not in terms of volume but in terms of
what you do with the data and how you utilize it to make analysis
in order to benefit your business and organisation.
Big Data helps analyse:
Product Development
Decision Making, etc

4.  Here are some Uses of Big Data and where it is used
Health Care
Detect Frauds
Social Media Analysis
Public sector

5.Big Data’s recent popularity has been due in large part
to new advances in technology and infrastructure that
allow for the processing, storing and analysis of so
much data
Just imagine the huge chunk of data that is produced with such activities.
This constant creation of data using social media, business applications,
telecom and various other domains is leading to the formation of Big Data.


Big Data refers to the large amounts of data which is pouring
in from various data sources and has different formats.
Big Data is much more than a collection of datasets with different formats,
it is an important asset which can be used to obtain enumerable benefits.

The three different formats of big data are:

Course Curriculum
Big Data Hadoop Certification Training
Instructor-led SessionsReal-life Case StudiesAssessmentsLifetime Access
Structured: Organised data format with a fixed schema. Ex: RDBMS
Semi-Structured: Partially organised data which does not have a fixed format. Ex: XML, JSON
Unstructured: Un organised data with an unknown schema. Ex: Audio, video files etc.

7.  learning Big Data:——

*Big Data is a broad subject, so learning it all requires knowledge of several areas.
Someone looking to work in the field would need an array of certain skills,
including one or more of the following:

  • A knowledge of a programming language that relates to data analysis,
    namely R, Python, SAS or SQL
    A good understanding of Maths and Statistics
    Experience on how to scrape a webpage
    Basic Excel skills

*   Mathematics for Big Data    ythonscripting
Business and scientific applications of Big Data
Big databases and NoSQL including MongoDB, Cassandra and Neo4J
Analytics, machine learning and data visualisation using Weka, R and scikit-Learn
Optimisation and heuristics for big problems
Cluster computing with Hadoop, Spark, Hive and MapReduce.

career in big data:———————————————–

1.Big data engineer.

2.Data Architect

3.Database Manager.

4.Data Scientist

5.Database developer.

6.BI Analyst

7.Data Modeller

8.Data Analyst

9.Data modeller



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what are the top Artificial Intelligence course provided by top learning sites.

Gm friends so today i am going to describe what are the Artificial Intelligence course provided by   top learning sites.

so i am going to show the top 10 course  provided by   learning site.

  1. AI programming  with python by nano degree    by(udacity).
  2. AI for everyone by (courcera).
  3. AI and Machine learning Engineering career track  by(Spring board).
  4. AI A-Z how to build an AI by(udacity).
  5. Columbiax’s   AI micro masters program by (edx.)
  6. Introduction to AI (edx).
  7. google AL education
  8. AI: reinforcement learning in python by (udemy).

the beginners guide to AI in Unity by(udemy)

so these are the course go through  with  anyone and start learning.

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How Artificial Intelligence used in healthcare department?

gm friends friends !

So today my topic is  Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

We see  that  Artificial Intelligence is now all around us.

It is currently work with a variety of sub fields, ranging, from general to specific such as self driving car,playing chess,painting etc.

In Artificial Intelligence the  machine develop the skills of learning  patterns,images,and voices.

Artificial Intelligence  is used to make easier the human life.

It is grown up into anew level.

It develop  the intelligence skill into machine like human being and it work like human.

Artificial intelligence  in health care:——–

  1. With the help of Artificial Intelligence we can use the machine like CI scan and CkG.

2.  With the help of AI saves  lots of money on drug dosage  issues.

3.According to blooming technology Microsoft had delivered AI to help doctors  find the right treatment for cancer.

4.where  many doctors takes lots of times to configure the right medicine for patience  in just seconds with more than 95% accuracy.

5.According to CNN, recent study  by surgeons at the children ,s National medical center in Washington successful   demonstrated .surgery with ann  autonomous report. and doing so better than human surgeon.

6.AI could be used to accelerate the process of drug discovery ,which normally takes at least a decade.

7.AI technology can now diagnose skin cancer faster and more efficiently than dermatologist but it also has a tremendous capability to threaten patient  preference ,safety and privacy.

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Basic concepts of artificial neural network.

Artificial neural network has three basics concept.

1.inter connection.

2.learning rule.

3.activation function.

<—————————————–inter connection:—————————->

1.feed forward interconnection.

2.feed backward interconnection.

3.recurrent interconnection

<————————–learning rules——————————————->

1.supervised learning.

2 unsupervised learning.

3.reinforced learning.

<————————-activation function—————————>

1.linear activation.

2.one linear activation.


history of neural network.

hello gm friends so today I will talk about the the history of neural network.

1.all though the study of human brain is thousands of years old.

2.the first step towards the neural network in 1943s.

3.when a neurologist and  young mathematician ,wrote a paper on how neurons might work electrical circuits.

4.In 1949 ,donald hebb reinforced the content of neurons in his book .the organization of behavior.

5.In 1950, One of the researcher from IBM research laboratories let the first effort to simulate a neural network.

6.In 1956, the Dorthmouth summer research project on AI a boost to both AI and neural network.

7.Progress  on neural network research   halted due to fear ,unfulfillment claims etc.until 1981.

Overview of neural network and its application.

In the neural network that is also the part of Artificial  Intelligence this have the capability of recognizing  the pattern and adopting themselves with environment.

This helps to understand the patterns  or symbol of anything and recognize that thing ex:-2+2=4.



This works like human brain and make like human brain.

In our human brain there are large no of  neurons and it also makes a network and basic unit of brain is called neurons it is the smallest part  of our brain.that works to sense the environment input  and process and give the appropriate output.

when we use the same method in Artificial Intelligence definition  then it is called as artificial neural network.

The neuron that present in soft computing  is called node.and it is called and it is divided into two parts.



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