what are the properties and design of algorithm ?

There are basically 5 properties of algorithm.

1.Input :-input can be any data type of data type.

It can be int ,float ,string ,char and array or tree etc.

2.output :- output can be any type of data type it can be int,char,float,tree,array etc.

3.  finitness:- there  should be a finite numbers of steps  finite number of algorithm  to executed   step by step process to solve the existing problem.

4.  Effectiveness:-   Algorithm should be effective  the process   or steps we chose is effective.

there should not be more than one way to process or interpreter a single algorithm.

Design of algorthm:—-

different way to present algorithm to solve problem.

1.natural language :-natural language is normal English language that is easily understand  by human being  but cant understand by machine.

read x and y

sum x and y


2. pseudo code:-  It is just matching with programming language and quite understand for natural language also.It is just like a intermediate between machine and natural language.


Algorithm sum(A)

sum<-  0

for <- 1 to n  to do

sum <- sum+ A[i]


write “sum”


IT is a graphical representation of algorithm.




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