Webinar on Artificial Intelligence.

On the day on 9 /6/  2020.I got the chance to attend the international webinar on Artificial  Intelligence.The speaker is from German country.  But his home town is Dumka. He is a data science Manager in BASF SE of GERMAN.(the top most chemical company in German.)That is organised by Xaviour college Maharo.

So these are the some important  and use full  points that I am going to write on this article yet he also talked about lots of things out if this context also.

he also describe how he works and what company works and about his project .

Introduction to AI:—-

Artificial Intelligence first came  in 1995.  by jeans-marc.

AI is the development of the computer system that are able to perform tasks that would require human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in movies:-

In movies robots are able to talk ,think ,have emotions  and make decision just like humans.

Example of  these tasks are visual perception ,speech recognition ,decision_making ,and translation between languages.

Weak AI:-

Machine with weak  AI are made to respond to specific situations ,but  can not think for themselves.

Refrigerator is believed to be the first AI system because it can module your temperature   of the refrigerator can be modulated based on the outside temperature in the inside temperatures.

Strong AI:-

A machine with strong AI is able to think and act just like a human .

IT is able to learn from experinces.

It is under the supervised learning.and it understand the patterns.

Intelligence means to perform any tasks it takes the time of minimum 5 sec .

like adding the numbers 4+5+9,or protect from rain and apply break when the light got red etc.these types of intelligence develops in the machine in strong AI

sine there are no real life example of strong AI .yet the best  representation would be the holly wood portrays. like I robot,and robot and ex machina

In AI machine will have:-

  1. creativity
  2. emotions
  3. Imagination
  4. ethics
  5. empathy
  6. consciousness
  7. values
  8. mystery
  9. compassion
  10. Intuition

AI controversies :-

  1. potential job takeover
  2. growing laziness
  3. priority argument

robot relationship

what are the famous people aid about AI:-

Stephan Hawking :-

AI could be the end of mankind.

Sundar Pichai:-

AI is one of the most important things humanity  is working on.

It is more profound than I don’t know ,electricity  or fire.

Jack Maa:

The AI ,big data is a threat to human beings .the AI and robots are going to kill a lot of jobs because in the future ,there will be done by machine.

Elon mask:

The AI is an essential risk and one of the greatest risk that we face as a civilization.


A program that can sense,reason,act and adapt.

Machine Learning:-

Algorithms whose performance   improves as they are exposed to more data overtime.

Deep Learning:-

subset of Machine learning which multi-layer neural network learn from vast amounts of data.

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