4 best sites for seo to get higher ranking in your sites

gm friends so after to much browsing i found the best  4 sites that help you to get higher rank in  your sites or your bog. from google.

these sites helps you to get best keyword for your sites that you can make a good money.

this seo tool is too much important to get higher rank  from google .

more than keyword there are lots of factor that  are important to become a good blogger.

Another important factor is  back-links google gives it 2nd position around 200 factors.

there are also many terms like  cpc(cost per click)revenue ,keyword ,error free, issue free, and notice free is important .

so without wasting time just check out this websites and start to earn money.

this site also help me a lot to fine keyword and issues and error in my sites.

so you can go on with this.

i want to describe some keyword with cost per click it means google will pay you for single click in dollar   so have a look.

keyword                                                                  cpc

books                                                                $0.81

motivation                                                  $0.80

health                                                          $2.44

self improvement                                                  $4.53

this information is provided by ubbersuggest.


this sites also provides a lots of beautiful tool.

this site provides the facility to audit your site and   aware you from your sites issues and warning and all notices.

so you can go on with also.

3.smalseotool:- This website is also very useful to fine keyword and many other tool like grammerly how much views you get on your blog  and article writer and many other tool check out one time.


this website also provide a seo tools to get more traffic on your site and creating back links and suggesting keyword.

that all for the today hope you will like my blog :-

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thank you.





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