How to make your day productive?

How to make your day productive?

We can see that due to lock down now a days we become  lazy and quit less productive our daily schedule is become organised .

but still we can make our day productive by doing just simple things so lets see what the things are.

1.    wake up with purpose.  

yes we all have heard  this line many times.but just wake up with purpose is quite enough?

I think we should wake up with gratefulness .thanks to god for the every single breath  and whatever we have not only say to god oh god It will be better  to write at least 5 things you are grateful for. like

1.I am grateful .that i can see the image of krishna as my first view.

2.I am grateful for my family given by krishna.

3 I am grateful for my brother given by krishna.

4.I am grateful for my friends. given by krishna.

5.I am grateful for time given by krishna.

6.I am grateful for the skills that is not mine given by krishna.

7.I am grateful for the health given by krishna.

just like that you can add on your own for which you are grateful for. your curtains.

After leaving your bed open your curtains and take fresh air and fresh light that helps to start your day peacefully.

3.clutter things:-

for clutter thing you can organised your study table.and your cupboard .

4.write to do list:-

yes,writing  to do list is my favorite work to do . from my all of the other work.

you can organised  your work according to your least 5 work you should  have to to in every single day.


do exercise to your own time.

either it is evening or morning.

and you can do just simple for 30 min.

6.write you goals:-

write your goal what you want to do in this year.

not write the long term goal  because your focus can be less toward your goal without focusing on short term goal.write your short term goal everyday for a single year.

7.Avoid taking garbage in your mind. 

there are many kinds of garbage that we can avoid to take in our mind.

1.It can be meaning less converion.

2.unnecessary news.

3.unnecessary gossips.

4.avoid wasting time on that thing that ends with regret.

8.follow reward and punishment rule.

this is also a important factor that helps to become productive all day long.

like before going into bed open your to do list diary and  tick which task you have completed and then reward yourself by  watching your favorite shows and by eating Favorited dish.

and if you are not able to complete all task that you mention in your to do list then  add it on the next day to do list work .take a chill pill mostly we cant do all the works the we mention we our to do list but it helps to prioritize your work and so you cant your time .

thank you hope this blog post will help you to make your day productive.

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