How to become a full stack web developer?

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our today’s  topic is how to become a full stack web developer .

A full stack web developer is more than a web designer who only works on the front end part or interface part but the full stack web developer  has to handle both the front end part and the back end part also that is more difficult then focusing only in the front end part.

A full stack web developer should keep knowledge in three terms.

1.the front end part .

2.the back end part

3 connectivity between front end and back end

so firstly we talk about the front end part because on;y the front part is   visible to the users or the clients.

front mean about designing how your site will be look.

where your forms and navigation bar is given and what you mention in your footer part .where you describe about your site.

how much the inks you have and the users get the desired page.

these type of requirement filled with  front end part.

for the front we can use the following technologies and framework also.

we can learn html5, css3 and javascript .and for more easiers we can use the framework  like bootstrap for html and css .

bootstrap is very easy to use and saves lots of time and lots of free or paid courses are available to learn bootstrap.

with the help of bootstrap we can create a responsive website it means that it can run also on mobile phone and tab effectively by just scrawling top   to bottom.

so this a great framework  to use.

2.and the 2nd part  is blackened  :–

In back end part we learn about the functionality of the application here we write code how the web application works.

code inside the front end part comes into the back end part just like we saw any form that is made by using  html and css but the function of the back end part is to get data from that from and send response to the user.

the whole function comes inside the back end part. it  has basicaly use of request and response it takes request from the user and give response to the user by html page but getting data from the user and save it to database and send the user response that the work has been done is all done by the back end part.

In back end part we store the data into the database and get access the data from the database.

so for this back-end part we can use the  following languages   :-

  1.  java
  2. php
  3. python
  5. ruby


For the back-end also there are lots of IDE available here.

1.netbeans and Eclipse IDE for  java developer

2.xamp ,wamp, codeegnite and wordpressr for php developer

3.visual studio for developers.

4.Django for the python developers and many more IDEare available.



3. connectivity part:—————————————

To create  a bridge or connection between the front end part and the back end part we use database.

where we store the data and retrive the data from the database

To perform  the crud operation  in database (cread,read,update,delete) we use the Structured query language.and  for the database we can use following :-


3. mssql



so these are the three steps or terms to become a suucessfull full stack web developer.

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