How Artificial Intelligence used in healthcare department?

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So today my topic is  Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

We see  that  Artificial Intelligence is now all around us.

It is currently work with a variety of sub fields, ranging, from general to specific such as self driving car,playing chess,painting etc.

In Artificial Intelligence the  machine develop the skills of learning  patterns,images,and voices.

Artificial Intelligence  is used to make easier the human life.

It is grown up into anew level.

It develop  the intelligence skill into machine like human being and it work like human.

Artificial intelligence  in health care:——–

  1. With the help of Artificial Intelligence we can use the machine like CI scan and CkG.

2.  With the help of AI saves  lots of money on drug dosage  issues.

3.According to blooming technology Microsoft had delivered AI to help doctors  find the right treatment for cancer.

4.where  many doctors takes lots of times to configure the right medicine for patience  in just seconds with more than 95% accuracy.

5.According to CNN, recent study  by surgeons at the children ,s National medical center in Washington successful   demonstrated .surgery with ann  autonomous report. and doing so better than human surgeon.

6.AI could be used to accelerate the process of drug discovery ,which normally takes at least a decade.

7.AI technology can now diagnose skin cancer faster and more efficiently than dermatologist but it also has a tremendous capability to threaten patient  preference ,safety and privacy.

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