Overview of neural network and its application.

In the neural network that is also the part of Artificial  Intelligence this have the capability of recognizing  the pattern and adopting themselves with environment.

This helps to understand the patterns  or symbol of anything and recognize that thing ex:-2+2=4.



This works like human brain and make like human brain.

In our human brain there are large no of  neurons and it also makes a network and basic unit of brain is called neurons it is the smallest part  of our brain.that works to sense the environment input  and process and give the appropriate output.

when we use the same method in Artificial Intelligence definition  then it is called as artificial neural network.

The neuron that present in soft computing  is called node.and it is called and it is divided into two parts.



The summation collects the signal from other neuron and each neuron is connected with its own weight.

There are a large number of single and weight is connected with a first single unit of neuron .the part of brain collects all the single with their collects all the signals with their weight and the 2nd part of the brain and the 2nd part of the brain takes the summation as a inputs and works on it and give the appropriate output.

The application of neural network.

1.mapping capablity/pattern association



4.fault tolerance

5.parallel and high  speed information processing.





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