Difference between genetic algorithm and the traditional method in Artificial Intelligence?

hello gm friends so today my topic is to difference  between genetic algorithm and traditional method.

So now a days in  of artificial Intelligence   everybody uses the Al in method in little bit or more.

with the help of artificial intelligence we can do lots of things in an easy way.

I am considering that you have a little bit knowledge of artificial intelligence because i am considering that you are college student.

when a machine  behaves like human then it is called as  artificial intelligence.

now a days there are lots of changes have done in the field of artificial intelligence.

now a days the working process of artificial intelligence is so much better than the old days.

but in this topic i am not going deep into Al.in this topic i talk about the difference  between the genetic algorithm that is used to solve the problem using the artificial technology and the traditional methods mostly the human being do.

<—————————————genetic algorithm.——————————>

so firstly lets know about genetic algoirthm

1.genetic algorithm is developed in early 1970s by john hollend are unorthodox search and optimization algorithms ,which mimic some of the process of natural evolution.

2.It  performs the directed random search though a given set of alternative with the aim finding the best alternative with respect to the given criteria of goodness.

3.It uses genetic and natural selection to solve optimization problem.

4.used in field such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

5.probablistic rule.

6.search on population  of points.



<———————————traditional method—————————>

1.It uses step by step process of a given problem.

2.not as davance.

3.used in fields such as programming mathematics.

4.fully determinstic rules.

5.  search  on a single point.




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