the benifits of reading self improvement books.


YET i am not much experience   in reading books  still i am just building a new habits of reading books.

and i feel changes in my life it can be a little bit but it works.

I   started to read my first book to read that is the magic of thinking big and still i cant complete it because now a days my new crush is 7 habits of highly effective people.

I don’t want to go on any other book before completing the 7 habits of highly effective people.

IT is a mind blowing books it really blows my mind.and i am confirmed that it happens with everyone who read that book.


  1. Reading a book  is like a thought that you never think before.
  2. Reading a book forced you to think on that topic that is useful and beneficial for you.
  3. Reading a book is like addiction you never want to quit reading books and the desire of reading books grows and grows.
  4. Reading a book like you are talking with writer.



books explain everything about you which type of person you are just like in 2nd habits of highly effective people   “think focusing on the end ”

it tells you that in which centered you are.either it is money centered,relationship centered.or happiness centered. or temple centered .

we can learn lots of things by reading books

Our communication got improved my reading books.

Our writing  skills improved by reading books.

Our way of  thinking   got changed after reading books.

Our vocabulary also improved my reading books.

I everyday read book for 30 to 60 min everyday in evening this is my favorite pass time.

I also love to read the ISKCON books  there are lots of book in English version also so yes i learnt lots new words from this book that i never new before.

It really helps me .

book reading gives us motivation.

It  is good for mental exercise.







“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn






“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.” – Descartes


What is jstl?and types of Jstl in jsp?

gm friends ! happy Sunday .  Enjoy your Sunday with beautiful Sunday love feast.

So our Today’s topic is What is JSTL? and What are the types of jstl.?

what is Jstl?

The JSP standard tag library (JSTL) represents a set of tags to simplify the jsp development.

benefits of using jstl.

1.minimize the mount of scriptlet code in a jsp.

2.avoid dumping thousands of line of code in a jsp page.

3.jsp page is simple main focus of jsp is only the presentation.

4.tag is reusable. development jstl provides many tagsthat simplify the jsp. need to use the scriptlet tag.

7.It avoids the use of scriptlet tag.

What are the types of jsp standard tag library.?

==There are mainly 5 types of jstl tags.

Oracle created a specification for the standard tag .

1.core tag:

2.message formatting I18 N:

3.functions tag:

4.XML tag:

so now we take very simple definition for all these tags.

a very simple definition for better understanding and easy.

so the first one is

1.core tag.: this tag is used for handling variables and  looping and condition.

2.message formatting I 18 N(internationalization):-this message tag is used for handling interlization and formatting.

3.functions:there function tag is used for string manipulation and getting the sizes of a collection.

4.XML:there’s also a group of tag for Xml for parsing and setting Xml data.

5.SQL : for accessing database.

but in this article we are going to dive into only two tags that is the core tag and the function tag because  this tag is mostly used in developing the web application in jsp.

So lets get start !!—

So i am just writing the name of the few jsp core tag . I am going to write a code for all these tag so if you want to get the code  of all the jsp core tag then you can go and continue with java t point that  sites explain very nicely about all the code of jsp  core tag.

So now here are the examples of jsp core tag.

  1. catch:-  catches any throw able  to occurs in the body.
  2. choose:-conditional tag that can be used for exclusive operations  ,similar to switch statement .
  3. if:—-simple if /then condition.
  4. import:–retrieves a url  and express it contents on the page or avariable.
  5. for Each:—–Iterates over a collection of values.
  6. for tokens:-Iterates over a collection of tokens.
  7. out:——-used in scriptlets to display output, similar to <% =———-%>
  8. otherwise:—used with the choose tag to handle the else clause 
  9. param:–    adds a  parameter to a url.
  10. redirect:——redirect the browser to a new url.
  11. remove:——remove a scope variable
  12. set:–assign an expression value to a variable.
  13. url:-  defines a url with query parameters.

when:-.used with the <.choose > tag when a condition is true.

 so there are the examples of jsp core tag now we we take one example with written code.

so lets see:-



Every page that uses the core tag must use this references :

<%  @ taglib uri=” ”   prefix =”c” %>

In the reference we use the prefix c for the jsp core tag:-



<title>core tag example</title>

<h3>core tag</h3>



//  just create sample data normaly provided by mvc.

String [ ] cities ={“ranchi”, “delhi”,      “dumka”};

pageContext.set Attribute(“my Cities “,cities);

//here my Cities is the name of the attribute and cities is the value of this attribute.


<C:foEeach                  var=  “tempcity”                          items= “${my Cities}”>

//where temp city = temp variable and my cities = name of the attribute

${temp City}






ranchi delhi dumka

so this was the code of jsp custom tag .as i said there are many core tags so you can practise on your own with the following website’

Now i will cover the topic of jsp function tag and their examples with code and about prefix so have a look :-

  • Every page that uses the function tags must include this reference :
  • <% @taglib  uri   =    “” prefix=”fn”>
  • <————————–code example————————————————->
  • <C: set var =”data” value=”goodmorning”  />

length of the  String <b> ${data}</b>:${fn:length (data)}=  11.

//so that the length of the string “goodmorning ”  is 11.

this is the basic code now we will write the ful code of jsp function tag:

show me the code:—————————————————

<% @ taglib uri=””  prefix=”c” %>     // c for core tag.

<% @ taglib uri=””   prefix=”fn” %>  //fn for function tag



<C:Set var=”data ”   value=”good morning”/>

Length of the String <b> ${data} </b>: $ {   fn:   length (data)   }

Uppercase version of the string <b>${data}  </b> :${fn:    to    uppercase(data)   }





so the output of this code is:

length of the string goodmorning is: 11.

uppercase version of the string goodmorning is:GOODMORNING



Hope you will like my article and get benefited keep practising and keep coding.














what is Jsp? types of scripting elements in Jsp.



GM friends how are you ?

So  today we are going to learn about jsp (component of advance java)  and expression tag in jsp and and we are going to learn about a little about jstl(java standard tag library.)

J2EE =java to enterprise edition.

j2ee module is used  to develop the following applications.

1.web applications .


2.distributed  applications.

3.Enterprise applications.

4.N- tier applications.

<———————————- JSP————————->

JSP is a dynamica progrmming language .

It is capable of making simple program to complex program.

An HTML page with some java code sprinkled in jsp.

JSP is processed on the server. (tomcat,glassfish ,javaserver etc)

result of java code included in html returned to browser.

A jsp consists  of html tag and jsp tag.

Jsp is a technology used to create web applications just like servlet technology.

IT can be thought  as an extension of servlet because more functionality than servlets. such as expression  language ,jstl etc.

the JSp pages are easier to maintain then servlet because we can separate designing  and development .

IT provides same additional feature such as expression language ,custom tags etc.

There are three types of  JSP expression.

  1. JSP expression    <%=   some java expression %>

2.  JSP Scriptlet =  <%= some java code: 1  to many lines %>

3    .JSP declaration = <%!  variable  or method declaration %>

JSP expression:———————————————————–



<h1>converting a string to uppercase:</h1>

<% =  new String(“hello world”).to uppercase()%>




output:- HELLO WORLD

JSP Scriptlets:———————————————————————-

insert 1 to many lines of java code.

to include content in the page use: out.println.




<h1>jsp scriptlet </h1>


for (int i=1;i<=5;i++)


out.println(“the numbers in the loop”+i);





output:-the numbers in the loop 1

the numbers in the loop 2

the numbers in the loop 3

the numbers in the loop 4

the numbers in the loop 5

JSP declarations:———————————————————————————————————————————————————————–>

Declare a  method in the jsp tag.

Call the method in the same jsp page.

the declarations tag .

<% !

write some code





<h3>declarations tag</h3>


String make it lower(String data)


return data to Lowercase();



Lower case”HELLO WORLD”-

<%=  makeitLower(“hello world”) %>




declaration tag

hello world


thank you hope you will like this article and get benefited.


















What is blogging ?How much the top Indian bloggers earn through blogging?

gm friends today i am going to tell you that what is blogging ?and how much the top Indian  bloggers earn in one month in dollar.?

so this article is going to quit long so before reading this article take a cup  of tea and read article  while sipping the tea or coffee.

so lets get started.

firstly i will start with the  definition of blogging

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

blogging means share your thoughts you experience  share your knowledge.with some good writing skills.

you can follow your passion of writing  and get paid.






If you Blog regularly and consistently its almost guaranteed that someone search for your name on the internet will find your blog.


blogging improve communication skills.

Think of a blog as an advertisement for you  that works all day and night.

you having to do anything.


writing teaches yo to organize your  thoughts clearly in a way that other people can understand.

can become better communicator.

Blogging also helps you keep track of your own career and progress as well as provides. some historical documentation and reference material which you can look back on to see how you solve  particular problem in the past.

make a list of topic you are going to write about.

Here are the top Indian bloggers and their income.

1 .Amit  Agrawal  $60,000.

2.Harsh Agrwal $ 53,000.

3.Faisal Arooqui  $50,000.

4.Shradha Sharma $30,000.

5.Varun Krishnan $22,000.

6.Shrinivas tamada   $20,000.

7.Asish Sinha $18,000.

8.Arun Prabhudesai  $ 16,000.

9.Jaspal   Singh $8,000.

10.Amit Bhuwani $14,115.

Thank you hope you like this article. have a good day.


Basic concepts of artificial neural network.

Artificial neural network has three basics concept.

1.inter connection.

2.learning rule.

3.activation function.

<—————————————–inter connection:—————————->

1.feed forward interconnection.

2.feed backward interconnection.

3.recurrent interconnection

<————————–learning rules——————————————->

1.supervised learning.

2 unsupervised learning.

3.reinforced learning.

<————————-activation function—————————>

1.linear activation. linear activation.


history of neural network.

hello gm friends so today I will talk about the the history of neural network.

1.all though the study of human brain is thousands of years old.

2.the first step towards the neural network in 1943s.

3.when a neurologist and  young mathematician ,wrote a paper on how neurons might work electrical circuits.

4.In 1949 ,donald hebb reinforced the content of neurons in his book .the organization of behavior.

5.In 1950, One of the researcher from IBM research laboratories let the first effort to simulate a neural network.

6.In 1956, the Dorthmouth summer research project on AI a boost to both AI and neural network.

7.Progress  on neural network research   halted due to fear ,unfulfillment claims etc.until 1981.

Overview of neural network and its application.

In the neural network that is also the part of Artificial  Intelligence this have the capability of recognizing  the pattern and adopting themselves with environment.

This helps to understand the patterns  or symbol of anything and recognize that thing ex:-2+2=4.



This works like human brain and make like human brain.

In our human brain there are large no of  neurons and it also makes a network and basic unit of brain is called neurons it is the smallest part  of our brain.that works to sense the environment input  and process and give the appropriate output.

when we use the same method in Artificial Intelligence definition  then it is called as artificial neural network.

The neuron that present in soft computing  is called node.and it is called and it is divided into two parts.



Continue reading “Overview of neural network and its application.”

Top sites that i browse in this quarantine….

Difference between genetic algorithm and the traditional method in Artificial Intelligence?

hello gm friends so today my topic is to difference  between genetic algorithm and traditional method.

So now a days in  of artificial Intelligence   everybody uses the Al in method in little bit or more.

with the help of artificial intelligence we can do lots of things in an easy way.

I am considering that you have a little bit knowledge of artificial intelligence because i am considering that you are college student.

when a machine  behaves like human then it is called as  artificial intelligence.

now a days there are lots of changes have done in the field of artificial intelligence.

now a days the working process of artificial intelligence is so much better than the old days.

but in this topic i am not going deep into this topic i talk about the difference  between the genetic algorithm that is used to solve the problem using the artificial technology and the traditional methods mostly the human being do.

<—————————————genetic algorithm.——————————>

so firstly lets know about genetic algoirthm

1.genetic algorithm is developed in early 1970s by john hollend are unorthodox search and optimization algorithms ,which mimic some of the process of natural evolution.

2.It  performs the directed random search though a given set of alternative with the aim finding the best alternative with respect to the given criteria of goodness.

3.It uses genetic and natural selection to solve optimization problem.

4.used in field such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

5.probablistic rule. on population  of points.



<———————————traditional method—————————>

1.It uses step by step process of a given problem.

2.not as davance.

3.used in fields such as programming mathematics.

4.fully determinstic rules.

5.  search  on a single point.




Top 5 youtube channel that every programmer should learn?


hello gm friends so today i am going to share top 5 youtube channel that helps you to learn programming online.

learning through youtube channel is quit can learn in your owntime either morning or evening.

day or night.

and you can earn on your own speed .

and you can watch the same class multliple time.

so there are lots of advantage.

It is totaly free.

so here are top 5 youtube channles.


3.programming language.