dont skip this steps if you are in the journey of learning code.

the more you learn the more you earn.

so i am going to share some important tips that you should not skip  in the journey of programming.

  1. programming is thinking   just think about real world problems.
  2. choose one programming language and stick with it.and make a project on it.
  3. spend less time on syntax and more time on actual thinking. Normally we focus on learning the syntax of different programming language.but we should master on any one programming language.its okey if you don’t know others language.
  4. have better understanding on basic of every programming datatype.identifier,keywords.tokens.and conditions and looping etc.
  5. spending a lots of time in problem solving you can solve programming problems with the help of internet.many websites are    available  on internet.
  6. love what you are doing.
  7. always have a passion for project what you are doing.

thank you i hope you will like my post and get benefited.

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  1. It’s a very awesome and it’s know about the IT languages which it’s a very good blog and it’s help about the other people

  2. It’s a very awesome blog and really the words are so easy for the programmers which the users understand easily. It’s very helpful .
    Thanks 😊

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