I cant get image in my html page why?


there are many things that you did wrong in your html page.

  1. the path of your image can be wrong.
  2. the image file and your image file can be in different folder that why you cant get the proper output.make sure that your all image files and your all html and css file are in one folder.
  3. fixed the length and width of your image it is posible that you cant five the height and breath size of your image that you want in your folder.
  4. try this code for getting desire image.

<img src=”image1.jpg”  height=”420px” width=”420px”>

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what is an operator ?and its type

an operator is a symbol that is used to perform certain mathematic and logical operations.

operators is used to manipulate data and variables.

types of operator


  1. unary operators
  2. arithmatic operators.
  3. bitwise operators.
  4. realtional operators.
  5. logical operators
  6. conditional operators.
  7. assignment operators



what is characterset in c.?

Character set means that character and symbol that c program can understand and accept.

character set is a combination of alphabets and charcaters ,digits,special symbol, and white space.

  1.  Alphabets  are represented by capital A-Z or a-z.
  2.  C language is case sensitive .so it text meaning for small and uppercase letters.

Digits-> digits are 0-9 or by combination of these digits.

special symbols-> all the keyboard key is accept ,alphabets,digits and whitespace are special symbol.


3. White space  :-white space has blank space .new line returns , horizental  tab space, formfeet etc. all used for special purpose